Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little Help- Same Day, Different Attitude

When things get difficult, where do you look for guidance? Lately, I've been feeling like it just falls into my lap when I need it most. When I'm trying my hardest and I'm fighting through sickness and stress, someone or something will cross my path and make it clear what I need to do.
I think we all need a little help now and then getting through life. So why not share our bits of wisdom?
I think I'm going to make this a recurring blog post. It will enable me to talk about my life, and share the people and places I'm looking to for advice. I'll just do it whenever I feel like I have something to share.
This week, I'm actually going to share something that was directly shared with me in a speech. So I can't really take credit. It just really impacted me, and I think it will impact you.

 Secrets  to Happiness-
This was one of those moments where I truly felt God was reaching down and saying something to me. I   have been very stressed, working very hard, and trying to overcompensate for the fact that I have been very sick. Knowing I needed to fulfill my duty to my chapter, I pulled myself to our Officer Transition Workshop even though I knew it was going to be a long, exhausting day. What I didn't realize is that our speaker was going to completely reenergize me, and give me the hope I needed to continue in a life that I will admit was beating me down. I'm going to share the handout she gave to us, and then explain the point that pretty much knocked me flat.
Please don't steal this image, since it's property of RMH Charlotte and the speaker Mona Johnson-Gibson.  I'm just sharing it with you because I think it's really important! Feel free to save it for yourself, but don't pin it or post it on tumblr! 
Now these secrets may seem pretty standard but I can't communicate the delivery and the most important secret of all--- the one written in the margin.

Same Day, Different Attitude:
Our speaker was talking about seeing the world as a positive place, and how every day we often have a list of things we've GOT TO do. Like here was my GOT TO list for today:

  • I've got to get up and get ready before class.
    I've got to get my work done and review before class.
    I've got to get through this class, it's just below my level.
    I've got to get my book and then I've got to go eat before
    I've got to go to Shakespeare class and then
    I've got to pay attention and pass this quiz.
    I've really got to finish this homework.
    I've got to get a latte so I can survive a 3 hour block class at 3pm
    I've got to get through this video, which is making me worry about my future.
    I've got to get dinner after class and then go rest and get homework done because I've just
Are you as exhausted as I am? That just feels bad typing. It's negative.  It's anxious. 

So how do we fix it? One word.
Let's go through my hectic Monday again with I GET TO.
  • I get to get up and get ready for a day of classes that I'm looking forward to!
    I get to eat homemade apple cake that my mom sent with me last night.
    I get to laugh with my friends during class,  because we're all in the same classes.
    I get to have lunch with my sisters and friends, which refreshes me and I get to review during lunch for my next class, which is so helpful!
    I get to enjoy Shakespeare, and my professor is creative and interesting.
    I get to relax between classes.
    I get to enjoy a delicious gingerbread soy latte during my last class.
    I get to take classes in multiple subjects because of my profession.
    I get to have dinner with a great group of sisters and my best friend!
    I get to relax and watch tv and read after dinner and blog!
How do you feel now? That day sounds better, huh? Same day, different attitude. 
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What difference can one word make in your life? What difference does perspective make? 
Feel free to share!  Let's all give each other a little help.