Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Favorite Show- Parenthood

If you listen to any recommendations that I give you (outside of my beauty recommendations, obviously) let it be this one.
Watch Parenthood. 
Pick up the DVDs and watch the first two seasons if you're super eager, but really just get started watching season 3 because it needs viewers and it's an amazing show.
I've never cried so often, laughed so hard or related so much to a show--- and I'm not a parent. If you're a part of a family---big, small, crazy, normal, whatever--- you will get it.
This show is my family, it's your family, it's every family.

The show centers around the boisterous Braverman family, headed by Grandparents Zeke and Camille. Their four children and their children all live in the surrounding area and their lives and personalities mesh in hilarious and heartbreaking ways. For a better synopsis click here.

The writing is beautiful, real and hilarious. The cast is amazing--- if you watched Gilmore Girls you'll recognize Lauren Graham or Lorelei (the reason I got hooked on Parenthood!) Not to mention the rest of the brilliant cast including Mae Whitman, Craig T. Nelson, Erika Cristensen, Dax Shepard, Joy Bryant, Peter Krause, Sarah Ramos, Bonnie Bedelia, and many more!

I find that everyone I know who watches the show will have a character or at least a storyline that they really relate to personally. I find that I'm a mini Julia Braverman-Graham--- type-A personality, rule following and workaholic. My friends and family laugh at how much  I remind them of her!
Erika Christensen explains the Braverman family dynamic with some great Julia Braverman clips from Season 1.

The season premiere was tonight and I'm so excited that it's back! Start watching with me, it's on NBC every Tuesday at 10 pm!

Let me know if you watch, I love talking about it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Favorites

These first few weeks of college have been madness. My old routines have been tossed out and replaced by ones that I could never have expected. I thought I'd share a few of the things that are helping me destress.

Sidenote: Sorry I've been kind of absentee. I'm quite busy, in the best possible way! I start Rush this week and classes have been keeping me busy as well!

Nail Painting always helps me take time out for myself. This is my newest shade- Shopy Til I Drop. It's much more Salmon Pink in person!
The favorite sweatshirt. I love this sweatshirt too much. It's become a staple, and I refuse to stop wearing it. It's just ridiculously  comfy and so cute on. Here's a link if you want to check it out!
TEA. This is my go-to when I'm cramming for Latin (my hardest class) and I don't know if I'd be making it through without it!
Legal pads- Yeah, I'm not big on notebooks and last year I discovered legal pads and I have not looked back. These have totally saved my life at college.
My Vera Bradley Lanyard- I would not be able to keep track of my house, dorm and car keys without it.

Anyhow, those are my silly little things that I'm loving. What are you enjoying these days?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting Ready For RUSH.

Rush is less than 2 weeks away!
I'm SO EXCITED. Tons of my friends (in real life and via tumblr) have gone Greek and I've loved hearing about your experiences.
If you don't mind helping me out, I'd love it if you could comment and tell me what your RUSH WEEK experience was like, and if you have one or two key tips for rush. Keep in mind I go to a small school, so some things won't apply!

My college has the following sororities in no order:

So please include if you're a member of any of those lovely organizations!

Our Rush Shirts! So cute. I'm a little anxious about the color (mint is not great on my skin, so I'm hoping it's darker in person) but I'm going to rock it no matter what!

Before I go, here are a few things to help anyone else prepare, since I know a lot of my readers are probably getting ready to rush too! 

Elle Fowler's School Glitz: Sorority Rush and Advice!
This is great if you're someone even thinking about rushing in a year or two, or if you're in my boat, about to rush in a week or two. I walked away from this video more confident and ready for Rush week.

Also, we did a little post on Beauty Forum about Sweat Proof Rush Week Makeup! 
Make sure to check it out!!!

Please comment with any and all advice, everyone!