Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Sorority-Free Summer

Hey y'all! So I've had to make major changes to all of my social media and I thought I'd explain it better here.
I chose to be a recruitment counselor, or a Pi Chi, for fall 2012. Basically, what that means is that I have to disaffiliate from my chapter temporarily so that I can help the women going through recruitment. They will be able to ask me any questions about Greek life at my school, and they can come to me with the expectation that I will stay unbiased and be there to better their experience. If I am a neutral participant, it's easier for them to trust me.
So what does that mean for me this summer? I'm packing away all of my sorority clothing, decorations, and jewelry so that I don't give away my affiliation. My social media is locked down and I've removed any searchable trace of my affiliation. My full disaffiliation begins on June 1st, so I'm still wearing all my favorite sorority shirts.
So I'm calling this my sorority-free summer! I'm temporarily back to not having an affiliation as far as the public is concerned, but I'm so excited to help 2012's recruitment class.

Here are the four sororities at Queens University of Charlotte (in alphabetical order):

If you're about to start college or go through recruitment this fall, feel free to ask me ANY questions!
I'll be doing some posts about getting ready for recruitment towards the end of summer!
Go Greek!

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