Monday, June 20, 2011

On a more serious note.

I read a lot of really fantastic blogs. There are plenty of blogs with pictures of girls going out to great parties with beautiful friends gorgeous men, and plenty more of girls with stunning clothes that are far out of my price range, paired with jewelry and makeup I can't even imagine owning. I don't mean to sound ungrateful writing this, because I truly do enjoy reading all of those blogs, that just isn't my life right now.  I felt it necessary to explain things a little more in depth, and this felt like the right outlet.
I am very ill. The doctors are confused and we are doing some more testing (sigh.) We cross our fingers and pray every day that I'll be well enough to go to school in the fall. Things are not looking good. I try not to cry about it because the truth is things are very scary right now.
I did not start this post intending to be so negative, really. I am a very lucky girl. I have an incredible family who support me in everything and have helped me get through all of this. I'm working very hard to get better.  Hopefully these hard times will just be a dark memory some day.
I have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to. Until then, I continue to take things day by day. I get up and do the best I can every single day. I pray that soon I will be healthy and in school with my peers. If that doesn't happen, I will take it in stride. We deal with what we're given and we do the best we can. That's all we can do.

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  1. I love you Hannah and you're constantly in my prayers. Always feel free to talk to me. I love that we have the friendship where we can share everything. Your friendship means the world to me and you're one of the strongest and most beautiful people I know.