Friday, June 24, 2011

Recent Buys!

I've been doing a little shopping, and I thought I'd share. If you haven't been checking out the J. Crew or Ann Taylor Loft sales... get on it. NOW. Amazing deals, seriously!
J. Crew Sailor Chino Shorts in Lavender. I ended up getting these for about $20 plus shipping. They were originally around $70, and I had pretty much given up hope on getting them.  I've wanted these shorts since, oh, January. I love them. They got here today and I just want to stare at them. The color is lovely, they're just the right length and they fit perfectly.
Ann Taylor Loft's site is a little less reliable so I can't quite find all of my purchases but here's one of my favorites. This sweater is just so effortless and pretty. I love the colors,  and think I'll get a lot of use out of it.
Lastly, I finally got around to trying Essie polishes. I bought two but I'll be returning one because I already had an almost identical OPI polish---whoops! I've painted my nails and toes in Lapis of Luxury, which is the most beautiful blue. I'm hooked!
Not my best picture, but I took it quickly after my at home mani/pedi :)

Have you been hitting the summer sales? They've been great this year!

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