Sunday, February 3, 2013

Goodreads- What are YOU reading?

Happy (Super Bowl) Sunday! I'm not a big football fan (sorry y'all, I just have a hard time getting into it) so I'm hoping to spend this Sunday reading and relaxing.

I just invested in a Kindle this week, and I'm really enjoying reading more. To help keep up with this goal, I'm getting back into Goodreads, which is like a social network for book lovers.

I really like Goodreads because it's a great way to find what to read next. You can peruse lists that have themes,  look at what your friends are reading, and even get recommendations from the site.

Listopia is my favorite feature because you can search by what you feel like reading. Want to read chick-lit? There are lists for that. Really into dystopian  fiction after reading The Hunger Games? There's a list or two for that, too. Some of the list themes are really creative. I like this one for February, since Valentine's Day is coming up:

Anyway, join me on Goodreads so we can swap recommendations and such!

I'm currently reading:

What are you reading? Are you on Goodreads? Find me and I'll friend you!

Stay beautiful,


  1. I'm reading Beautiful Creatures and it's soo good. There are 4 books total which is great because I loove a good series.

  2. The pact is sooo good. Wait, ALL of Jodi Picoult's books are amazing! I'm currently reading "Even silence has an end: My six years in captivity in the Columbian jungle" by Ingrid Betancourt. It's super sad and disturbing but I love a good memoir!

  3. Oh my God don't you love Jodi Picoult? All of her books are incredible, but The Pact was definitely one of my favorites!