Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Phone Backgrounds

I am one of those girls who actually loves Valentine's Day. I may be single, but that definitely doesn't mean I can't enjoy a holiday devoted to love and chocolate.  I always take time to decorate for Valentine's Day and enjoy a day full of chocolate, chick flicks, and time with people I love.
So be a rebel this year and fall in love with the world's most hated holiday! Tell your friends and family you love them, and give out Valentine's like it's a 3rd grade class party.
To help you get into the Valentine's Day spirit, I made 6 fun phone backgrounds for y'all to use!

How are you celebrating this Valentine's Day? Share your plans with me, I love to hear about cute Valentine's Day plans! 

With lots of LOVE,

PS- Just wanted to apologize for not posting much lately! I've been very ill and struggling to get better, and I just haven't had energy to blog. Hopefully I'll be back at it all the time soon!

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  1. How do you make these?! I am envious!! They are too cute! Btw hoping that you feel better soon! I always enjoy reading your blog! (: