Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Motivation- On Getting Back Up.

I'm back. Again!
Cue the fanfare, hopefully! Just kidding, y'all. I have no delusions of grandeur about this blog. However, I am hoping to get back into seriously blogging as I get back into real life and college.

Which brings me to Monday Motivation, of course! This graphic was an experiment for me with Chalk art on photoshop, so let me know what you think, ok?

This quote really spoke to me on so many levels. We can always start over. We can always come back. Choose now! I also love the idea that failure is only in staying down, not just falling down. Falling down happens. We're human. We make mistakes and life is messy and complicated. But if you can get back up when you fall down, you will never be a failure.
This is so relevant for me right now as I pick everything back up and prepare to go back to school after a year of medical leave. Has life been messy and difficult? Of course. I've taken more hits than I would have liked this year. But I'm getting up and moving on now that I can. I am hopeful and ready.

Are you starting over with anything this fall? Or ready to move on and have your fresh start? Now is the time!

Oh and as a blogging note before I go- I finally got a blog button to work, so let me know if you're interested in doing a button swap!

Hope y'all are happy and healthy!

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  1. I love that chalk art graphic! If you ever wanted to a how-to post, I would probably send you nailpolish and chocolate.