Friday, August 12, 2011

Glee Live 3D Movie Premiere

I've never done a midnight premiere in my life, but you all know I'm a huge Glee fan. So when they announced they were releasing a 3D concert movie, my best friend Jenny and I decided we'd go all out. Midnight premiere, costumes, singing, everything. It was a total blast.
First of all, if you like Glee, you need to see this. It's on in theaters for 2 weeks so go NOW. It's awesome. Part concert, part Glee characters, part documentary about the fans. It's heartwarming and wonderful and reminds you why we all love Glee so much.
It also happened to be my first ever 3D movie, so that was a lot of fun! I loved the 3D aspects and was glad they made it in 3D. Stay after for the credits, by the way!
I dressed up as guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury because I already have red hair and a closet full of cardigans! Jenny dressed up as Quinn complete with Born This Way "Lucy Caboosey" Shirt. So cute. It was fun and silly and slightly ridiculous but a lot of the midnight premiere-goers were dressed up so that was great.
Here are our pictures. We took a lot of them in the car because we were rushed. The car was stopped, and I wasn't driving!!
My Emma Pilsbury Costume.
Emma and Quinn. Or Hannah and Jenny.
In the theater!!

(Tired, happy, excited!) Gleeks!
Overall it was a really great night. We enjoyed the movie and I can't wait to go back with my mom to see it again at a much more normal hour. Go see Glee Live in 3D now!

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