Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hair Help!

I have a dilemma. I like change, but I also love my long hair.
My haircut is this Wednesday and here are the cuts I'm considering:

I love Dianna Agron's short hair. It's gorgeous this length but I'm not sure mine does so well short. Last time I had it this length it was a TOTAL pain.  I do LOVE how versatile this cut is though.
via thegroncylcopedia

Jayma Mays looks lovely here, but again I'm not sure my hair does as well this length. I would be losing probably 3-4 inches to get to that length!
I could get bangs again, but I JUST grew them out. Most likely I'll just get this all trimmed and my layers cut... boring. I want your input though!!
This is my current length with my natural texture:
Comment and help me decide what to do!!


  1. I think the medium length with a few highlights thrown in would be gorgeous!!!

  2. I like it long, but sometimes a good change is just what we need! I'm getting my hair cut next week and I'm thinking about getting most of it chopped off :)

  3. I like the medium length a lot! You should choose something you're comfortable with, especially for rush & the new school year.

  4. I just chopped my waist-length wavy hair off to my chin and LOVE IT. Your hair reminds me of mine, at least what I can tell in the picture, so I think you could go short if you want! But do whatever your comfortable with -- and remember, it's just hair -- it grows!! Any way you cut it, you'll still be gorgeous!