Sunday, July 8, 2012


Today is my last day as a teenager. I'm currently in the back seat of my family's car, on the way back from a family trip to visit my grandparents in Pennsylvania. So yes, my last day as a teenager is being spent crammed into a tiny seat with luggage and trying to stay sane for ten hours.
Anyway, to get to the point, there's a lot in this past year I'd like to reflect on. I would write a long post about all of the fantastic moments that made this year what it was, but I will preface this post by saying that I am currently disaffiliated from my sorority so that I can be a recruitment counselor (which is an opportunity I'm so excited about!) meaning that I can't post any pictures of or with my sorority sisters. So that cuts out a large chunk of my school year. Know that those moments rank highly in my heart, and that I will post about my first year in my sorority after bid day!
To continue, here are some of the important things that happened to me this year. In words, then pictures.

Summer 2011:

  • Blogging with Danielle, listening to her fall in love on the other end of the phone
  • Getting nervous for Queens
  • Pennsylvania with Mom
  • Recovering from one of my Worst flares just in time for Queens
  • Losing weight 
  • Seeing Next to Normal twice
  • Developing a nail polish obsession (D, it's YOUR fault!)
Fall 2011: 
  • Feeling at home at Queens immediately
  • Recruitment with my best friend Rachel
  • Joining my sorority, finding a home there
  • Having a fantastic semester
  • Boston with Teaching Fellows
  • Cutting most of my hair off! 
  • Condoleezza Rice spoke at Queens  
  • Casino Night
  • Halloween (hahaha) 
  • Sorority Events
  • Thanksgiving in Virginia
  • Boar's Head (Queens Tradition!)
  • My Christmas Tree in the dorm
  • Working harder than ever, but loving it
  • Exam Break Breakfast
  • Sunday night dinners at home
  •  Leaving for break knowing I had a great place to come back to after break
  • Christmas with Family

Orientation at Queens!
Teaching Fellows go to Boston! 
Thanksgiving (actually, the day after, which was BBQ fest!)

Casino Night- a great Queens tradition! 
This is what exam week looks like. 

Spring 2012: 
  • A much more difficult semester
  • Close friends
  • Little :) 
  • Struggling with my health the entire semester
  • Grey's Anatomy Obsession 
  • Landing myself in the hospital for viral meningitis
  • Going to my sorority leadership weekend despite everything 
  • More sorority events! Getting more involved with my sorority.
  • Hunger Games Midnight Showing
  • Becoming a Pi Chi- learning more about Greek life as a whole.
  • Homecoming
  • Greek Week! 
  • Working my ass off
  • Shakespeare... worst idea ever
  • Am Lit- best idea ever 
  • Exam Break Breakfaaaast gone wild 
After seeing Spamalot
Some of the Pi Chis at a Sorority event! 

A ton of the Greek women at Queens went to see The Hunger Games at  the midnight  premiere! It was a fun Panhellenic bonding event.

Summer 2012 so far: 
  • Struggling with my health
  • Pretty Chatty.
  • Naturopath finally giving me some real help 
  • Tonys Party with Jenny--- winning tickets to Jekyll and Hyde! 
  • Colbie Callait, Gavin DeGraw, and Andy Grammer concert with Jenny
  • Pennsylvania
  • Finally joining the technology world with my iPhone (early bday gift!)  
Concert with my best friend! 
Husk in Charleston 
My instagram addiction is obvious (also, this is Lake Latonka!)

Juno on the lake in her cute little lifejacket! 
Getting ready for a boat ride! 
My latest purchase: a crewcuts shirt featuring a chihuahua with neon orange/rhinestone sunglasses. Worth every penny.
Lake Latonka has THE BEST fireworks. These don't do them any justice, obviously.
Our family photo at the Lake house! 
So that's basically my nineteenth year! Let's hope twenty is even better! 
Hope y'all are having great summers so far! 
PS- Feel free to follow me on instagram- my username is agracelamb,  as always! 


  1. I loved how the family photo turned out! Happy "almost" birthday! I can't believe I have been out of my teens for over two years now. scary!
    Wishing you the best day ever tomorrow and that this year is filled with lots of love, laughter and good health!

  2. Happy last day as a teenager, Han!