Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monogram Mail

I have become totally hooked on Etsy! I have always loved browsing Etsy, but I often got overwhelmed by choices and just decided not to order things. I finally ended up ordering a few really exciting things in the past few weeks, so I thought I'd share and give some love to the amazing Etsy shops I ordered from.
Oh, and you'll notice a theme. I have a monogram problem, y'all. Also a pink and navy problem.  I'm going to justify it and call it a signature, that sounds better.
I'm beginning to assemble a little collection. 

School Bag:
I have been looking for a great school tote for a while. I wanted something useful, unique, and monogrammed. I fell in love with this Monogrammed Super Feature Tote from Bow Peep on Etsy. I love that it has outer pockets for quick access to my water bottle, glasses, and iPhone (or whatever I decide!) It's also a great deal at around $25.

This is my bag!  It comes in a variety of colors and with several ribbons and monogram styles,  so if navy and pink is not your signature there are plenty of other options :) 
Vinyl Decals:
I have looked at tons of monogrammed decals for my car and computer. Tons. I wanted one for my computer and one for my car, and I wanted to get a good deal. Etsy has a zillion fantastic options, but I was super pleased with my Vinyl Chatter order.  I ended up deciding on a circle decal for my car (so that it will be a little sturdier) and a vine monogram for my laptop. I am in love with the results!

When they first arrived! 
The vine monogram was huge and looks amazing on my laptop. I love that it's navy, it was a surprisingly hard color to find!
I still need to go put my circle decal on my car! Hopefully I will before I move back to Queens.
I'm ordering some sorority letter decals from the same shop sometime soon for my car. I'll post those when I get them!

Key Fob: 
I got totally overwhelmed by the ribbon choices in The Preppy Patch, in the best possible way. They have so many adorable, wonderful options.  I knew I wanted something navy and pink to match my bag, and I ended up going with this key fob with the added wristlet length. I also messaged the super sweet shop owner and asked about Greek lettering, and she did it on the back in my sorority's colors (not pictured because I'm a recruitment counselor, sorry!) for free! How nice is that?

The little ribbons on the end were also a little extra. This shop had great options and amazing service. I'm in love with the final product! 
I highly recommend ALL THREE of these shops and all of these products. Let them know Hannah sent you, and definitely leave me any of your favorite Etsy shops in the comments.

Stay beautiful,
(or should I say hBr)


  1. Ohhh! I love all of your finds. I also caught the etsy monogram bug and ordered a monogrammed baseball cap that I loved so much I am giving one away!

  2. With that many monograms, it's not wonder we're friends! -Becca