Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Marley Lilly Monogrammed Derby Hat

I have always loved Marley Lilly's gorgeous Derby hats! They come in TONS of colors, and are monogrammed! Monogramming happens to be one of my favorite things, so I couldn't resist ordering a cute monogrammed hat for the beach!
Image via Marley Lilly

Let me say a quick thing or two about ML service- it's amazing. I was a goof and changed my mind the day after I ordered my hat. I had originally ordered a lime/pink color combo (which was cute, but would have matched less of my swimsuits) but then reconsidered and decided I wanted a navy/pink combo. I e-mailed Marley Lilly and they changed it without hesitation! They were incredibly sweet and easy to work with. On top of that, my hat came in 2 days after I ordered. That's right,  on the first day I ordered a hat, the second day I changed the colors, and on the 3rd day I got my hat! Crazy!
This is the original color combo that I ordered. I still think it's adorable, but I LOVE my hat.
Image via Marley Lilly
Anyway,  when the hat got to my house I was SO excited. It's the perfect combo for me, and I wore it all week on the beach.
Wearing my Marley Lilly hat! 
Here's the hat! I've absolutely LOVED having it, and I'm thrilled with my purchase! 

All in all, I'd definitely purchase from Marley Lilly again. The service was amazing, and the hat looked beautiful!



  1. Adorable! I am currently coveting the seersuckered cosmetics case that just came out!

  2. Marley Lilly has the cutest products! I love your hat. Cute color combo :)