Monday, December 31, 2012

#26Acts- A New Year's Resolution

Welcome to 2013. Welcome to a new blog and a fresh start for me. A fresh start for us all!
I wanted to open Polish and Pajamas with this because I feel it is so important. We're all making resolutions and I wanted to invite everyone to join me in this endeavor.

 #26Acts is an initiative started by The Today Show. In response to the terrible tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, #26Acts asks us to do 26 random acts of kindness for each life lost at Sandy Hook Elementary.
It's easy to commit to kindness around the Holidays, I think. In all the Holiday Spirit, we are able to give more freely. But what would happen if everyone committed to doing 26 acts of kindness throughout the year? These can be as big as donating dinner to your local Ronald McDonald House, or as small as leaving an envelope of change on a vending machine for a stranger to get a little surprise.

So this year I will commit to doing 26 acts, one for each victim at Sandy Hook Elementary school. I plan to chronicle my random acts of kindness on this blog, and I encourage you to join me!
To learn more about the movement, go to The Today Show's page about #26acts and get inspired to start.
I'll add my own list of inspiration for Random Acts of Kindness soon. Until then, what do you think of this movement? Is it something you can commit to this year? What are some random acts of kindness you'd like to perform?

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