Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Urban Decay's Naked Craze

I am a huge fan of Urban Decay. I bought the second Naked Palette the minute it came online with Danielle on the phone, both of us screaming in excitement. However, even I am starting to wonder if Urban Decay is trying too hard with all of the recent Naked releases.

This year we've seen the launch of several new Naked products. There have been quiet releases like the Naked glosses (which are just shades of their lip products) and a few other small products, to the very hyped releases of Naked Skin and the Naked Basics Palette. I've even got a preview of some of the new Naked products!

Let's take a look at the Naked Family:

From left to right: TOP- Naked 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil, Naked  Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color. BOTTOM- Naked Lipgloss, Naked 2 Lipgloss
(all via Urban Decay)

Top left to right: Naked Palette, Naked 2 Palette.
Bottom: Naked Basics Palette
(all via Urban Decay)
Naked Skin Foundation
(all via Urban Decay)
Above are all the products currently available on Urban Decay's website. There is a great range of eye products with the three palettes- I actually love that the Naked Basics Palette was (almost) all matte. I think it compliments the other two palettes well, and is a great addition to any makeup wardrobe. In terms of lip products, I feel like these are the forgotten Naked products. They're only shades out of Urban Decay's lip products, so it's no surprise they weren't made into a big deal. Finally, the increasingly popular foundation line Naked Skin has been well-received in the beauty world, proving the Naked phenomenon is not just hype!

Urban Decay is taking it a step further with the next two Naked releases: Naked Flushed Palette and Naked Nail Set.

Naked Flushed: 
This product information was released New Year's Eve, and I imagine this product will get a lot of attention. The idea is that you can get a Naked, healthy flush with this palette containing a blush, bronzer, and highlighter!  My only preemptive complaint is that the included bronzer looks very orange. I would have preferred something with a chocolate tone, but I'm looking forward to reading reviews and seeing in depth swatches of the product.  The Naked Flushed Palette will be $30, which sounds like a good deal if the products perform well!
(These two images via Temptalia)

Naked Nail Set: 

(Image via Musings of a Muse)
As a true nail fanatic, I was thrilled to hear Urban Decay released (available now on Sephora's website) a set of nail polishes based on the famous Naked Palette. Once product images and information came out, I was a little disappointed to see that the nail polishes are all mini. I would have loved to see a mini set like this and individual, full size polishes released.  As is, the set runs $26 for 6 polishes at .16 oz each. To give you a comparison, most full size polishes are .5 oz, so these are quite small.

All in all, I am a fan of the Naked Product line from Urban Decay. The eyeshadow palettes are an incredible deal, and I'm definitely curious about the nail polish set! There are a few Naked products I'm not as eager to try, like the Naked Skin line, but I do think that Urban Decay has done a great job running on the success of the original Naked Palette.

What do you think of Urban Decay's Naked makeup line? Are there any products you're dying to buy? Or has Urban Decay taken it too far with the latest releases of Naked products?

Stay beautiful,


  1. I'm still trying to convince myself to buy one of the original Naked palettes! But I do think that if that bronzer isn't too orange, I might want that, too. :)

    1. Rebecca- you really won't ever regret buying a Naked Palette. I like the concept of an all-in-one face palette but I just don't LOVE the shades.

  2. I have the Naked Skin foundation and it is THE best product I've ever used. It does exactly what a foundation should: it perfects my skin with buildable coverage. It lasts all day long even without the UD setting spray and I don't feel like I'm wearing makeup at all. I 100% recommend it :)

    The newest Naked Skin product is their BB Cream, announced on their FB page recently!

    1. Shoot, I meant to post the BB cream too! Whoops. It sounds like it's great. I'm not huge on foundation, but it sounds like it's worth trying.

  3. They might have gone too far! I am totally lusting over the Naked Basics Palette because I love the fact that it is almost all matte. I would totally try the BB Cream, depending on the price and Temptalia's review. Great post Hannah, didn't even put all of those components together!
    xox, A+C

    1. I'm with you on the Naked Basics palette. I think I'll end up buying it at some point. Thanks! Glad to be blogging again! <3

  4. I am oh so excited about the Naked Flushed! And that you're blogging again! XX

    1. I love love love the idea but I just don't love the shades. I'm such a Nars blush snob. Plus that bronzer is really warm. I don't know, I'm eager for reviews.