Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Motivation- Find the Good

Happy Monday, y'all. Anyone else finding this Monday a little extra... Mondayish? I think it's Daylight savings, ain't nobody got time for that. Seriously. Well, I mean, I guess I technically do since I'm home, but I don't enjoy it either way. So I'm definitely needing a little motivation today.

This week I've been struggling a bit with finding the good.  We all have our struggles, and that's just mine. Whatever you may be going through right now, I think it's important to take time to step out of your head and your life for a minute or two and remind yourself of all the incredible, beautiful, wonderful GOOD that is out there.

This video does that for me. It's another one from Soul Pancake (remember the Motivation Monday when I featured Kid President? Love that kid!) and it just reminds me how cool people are and how much we all have in common. 

Would you have sat in the ball pit and opened up to a stranger? What helps you find the good when you're down? Share with me!

Hope you're happy and healthy y'all!

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