Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pick A Pair: Mani-Pedi Combos You'll Love

I got the idea for this post when I was doing my last mani-pedi. I always try to come up with chic, unique, and eye-catching combos for my mani-pedis. It's easy to pull two polishes from the newest collection and have them go together, but it's much more fun to mix and match old favorites and watch them come to life in a new way.
This Spring's collections from Essie and OPI were a little disappointing in my opinion. There were definite winner polishes amongst the bunches, but I didn't end up purchasing much at all, which y'all know is unusual for me! So I've actually really been enjoying shopping my collection and rediscovering old favorites. These are just suggestions, and feel free to look at your collection and change the combos based on what you have. There are no rules when it comes to mani-pedi combos in my book. If you think it works, it probably does! I also want to say that I've set these up so that you can wear them with either polish on your fingers OR toes, so there's no right way to read this!

The combo that inspired this post! I love these polishes together! I think they work with either polish on fingers or toes. I'm currently wearing Ole Caliente on my fingers and Bikini So Teeny on my toes. It just feels more unexpected to have the baby blue on the toes, which I love. Plus, the hot coral on my fingers is to die for! But I'm thinking I'll reverse this one soon! 

This combo is a little cooler in nature. If you don't have Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue, you might have Essie's Butler Please. I like the idea of these two together because they both have purple tones to them. Also, I like to add the Revlon glitter in Radiant as an accent to Pacific Blue sometimes, so that's a fun addition if you're bored! Again, it's up to you which is for fingers and which is for toes!
Zoya Elodie is such a gorgeous color, I feel like it just looks like the inside of a grapefruit! I had to pair it with something equally dynamic, so I chose Essie's Boxer Shorts, which is a blue with shimmer and purple shades to it. This combo will feel really fresh as we head into spring. In a more conservative setting, Elodie works well on fingertips, but I think this combo works well both ways. 

I wanted to do a combo that felt like it would work for someone who had to be in an office setting. This includes a really gorgeous nude shimmer for fingertips from this January's Mariah Carey collection, and my favorite glossy hot pink shimmer from the Minnie Mouse Collection. The shimmers pair well together, and it's a good balance of grown up and girly!
Last, but not least are Where's my Chauffer and Pink Friday! I like these two together because they really bring out the true pastel tones in each other and they were both big sellers in their own collections. I think combined they'd look incredible and feel like Easter came a little early. Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes! 

These are just a few of the combos I came up with this week while I shopped my collection. What are your favorite color combos for spring? Do you shop your collection, or do you have to have something new to keep inspiration flowing? Share your favorite pairs with me please, I'm always looking for a new duo!

Hope you're happy and healthy!


  1. LOVE THIS! Except now I have to repack which polishes I was bringing home for break...because I need to allow for all of these combos!

  2. The Pink Friday one is my favorite :)
    Btw, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my blog for more details!


  3. Thank you for sharing this, Hannah! I’m surely thrilled to buy those nail polishes and start doing my own combo! Ole Caliente would definitely look good on my toenails. But I think I would like to combine it with Essie’s Boxer Short shade for my fingernails! What do you think?

    1. I think that would be really cute Stela! I love Essie Boxer Shorts, and the coral/periwinkle combo is really nice. Good idea! :) Thanks for commenting!