Sunday, February 6, 2011

7 Facts Award

This couldn't be more perfect! I've been meaning to tell you more about myself :)  
Thanks to Patti at The Young and the Prepless for this award!
Rule of the award: Once awarded you must write 7 facts about yourself and then award it to fellow blogger; make sure to let them know! Also, link back to the one who awarded you!
Ready? Go.

  1. I was born in Michigan, but I consider my self a Charlotte girl. 
  2. I love spelling. That sounds silly for anyone after 5th grade, but I think that the ways words are spelled is interesting. I have subtitles in my mind most of the time because I am so conscious of spelling.
  3. I don't like shoe shopping. I love to shop for anything, but shoe shopping is my least favorite. I have big, clumsy feet and I'm very picky about comfort with shoes.
  4.  More than anywhere else, I want to live in Rome someday.
  5. Valentine's Day is my favorite minor holiday. I've never had a valentine, but I've always loved the holiday.
  6. I love food. My mom's a chef and I grew up eating really varied cuisines.
  7. I don't like the way cursive capital H's look. It's just not the prettiest letter, in my opinion. Lower case h's are much nicer.
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Danielle at Home Sweet Home Cupcakes
(Danielle is the reason I got this blog. She's the BEST!)
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    1. Ahh thank you love, this is coming from a fellow lover of spelling! (: P.S. You're also the best!!!