Friday, February 4, 2011

Pretend Care Package

I have tried to get back to blogging so many times this week! Since my brain isn't functioning too well on all the meds, I'm going to focus on pictures.What I'm doing tonight is putting together a pretend care package for myself.  It's like window shopping for the sick :) So these are the things that I'm wishing I could buy to cheer myself up while I'm sick in bed. What's nice about online window shopping is that it cheers me up anyway!  None of these are meant to go together--- they're just things I'm loving tonight.

In The Heights OBC Recording- $16.
I'm seeing In The Heights in a few weeks, and I'll definitely want to buy this to listen to after I see the show!

J. Crew Siren Dress- $98.
I love this dress. The color is gorgeous and would be perfect for my trip to New Orleans and the cruise!

Papaya Love Floral Luxe Tote- $59.
Papaya is the best, and is a care package staple since my aunt always sends me their gorgeous journals and cards.
Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf in Booty Caw- $118.
Just something to lust over.
Roman Holiday Collector's Edition- $9.98
I've been needing a dose of Audrey and Rome.
So those are just some silly things I'd pack in the world's nicest care package to myself tonight. Too bad it's just pretend :) 

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