Monday, February 7, 2011

Week Of Love: Ways to Start Loving V-Day Monday

I've heard it all. You can blame your hatred of the holiday on commercialism or your nasty ex, or you can write another diatribe about celebrating love every day. Everyone seems to have tons of reasons to dislike Valentine's Day.
Why spend energy hating it? It's a silly holiday, for goodness sakes!  Here's my argument: Maybe it is a commercially supported, and maybe we should celebrate love more every day---but why can't we enjoy a day of pink and red and lace and love? Let Valentine's Day be a reminder that LOVE is everywhere!! Let it remind us to celebrate more often, and encourage us to keep seeking love.

I know it can be tough to love a holiday that seems to remind you that you're alone, but I have to remind everyone reading this that they're NOT really alone. You have plenty of people in your life who love you dearly and faithfully. So what if you don't have a formal valentine this year? There are plenty of Valentine's days to come for that! You can choose to wallow and be miserable, or face the day in the world's cutest colors (I love, love, love red and pink) and show everyone that you're better than that. You can choose to hate the holiday, but I promise that loving it is MUCH more fun.

The best way to love Valentine's Day is to reframe your views. Stop thinking about the love you don't have, and start recognizing the love you do have in your life. Romantic love is NOT the only kind of love! Beyond that, make this a holiday about loving yourself! Stop focusing on why you're not in a relationship and start remembering the thousands of ways that you're absolutely fantastic on your own! 

If you're having trouble learning to love the world's most hated holiday, here are some suggestions of ways to make it your best Valentine's Day yet:
  • Buy a box of Valentine's like it's February in Kindergarten and send them to friends near and far. For an even more fun twist, send them anonymously.
  • Bake. Eat. Repeat. Share only if you want to ;)
  • Have a chick flick marathon with your mom. Live in separate towns? Watch a movie and text each other!
  • Dress up. Every year, I try and let this be one of my girliest outfits of the year. Make sure to wear a little lace and a lot of red, pink and cream. Feeling gorgeous goes a long way! 
  • Read a romance novel. What better day for a guilty pleasure?
  • Grab dinner with the girls! Ban any negative conversation about love and just enjoy the time together! 
  • Call your parents and your grandparents, and wish them a happy Valentine's day.
  • Know someone who REALLY hates the holiday? Make them a little V-day care package complete with lots of chocolate. You may not be able to convert them, but you'll make the day better.
  • You don't need a guy to buy you a teddy bear. Go to Build-a-Bear and make your own! It's more fun that way anyway.
  • Look through the jewelry catalogs with a friend and play Spot the Ugliest Valentine's Day Jewelry! (Trust me, the department and jewelry stores come out with the most awful things this time of year!!) 
  • Write yourself a love letter. Seriously, when you take time to acknowledge your wonderful traits and accomplishments, you will feel fantastic.
  • Eat chocolate like there's no tomorrow. You have a great excuse :) 
  • Make a list of things you love and spend all day seeking those people and things out.
  • Doodle hearts with no one in particular in mind. Or someone, if that's your preference.
  • Watch classic movies. The love stories are much sweeter. 
  • Volunteer. It doesn't matter where, but spread some love. I recommend volunteering somewhere with animals because animals cheer everyone up.
  • Buy yourself something you've been wanting, but couldn't justify spending money on. Splurge a little! 
  • Read poetry. 
  • Spend all day listening to and singing  love songs, then watch Glee's "Silly Love Songs" episode!
  • Paint your nails in alternating red and pink. It's silly and fun, and reminiscent of elementary school!
  • Stay in pajamas all day.
  • Only drink hot chocolate all day.
  • Make a list of people you love and find a way to tell every single one of them that. It will make you feel amazing. 
  • Send someone flowers. It's ok if you choose yourself as the recipient.
  • Buy a magazine and use the cards inside to subscribe. It's a gift that will last all year.
  • Wear red or pink lipstick all day.
  • Smile at happy couples instead of hating them.
  • Throw a party! Invite every single person you know and enforce a strict red and pink dress code! 
  • Wear a lacy bra. You'll feel sexy, confident and lovely. 
  • Use the words love, sweet, lovely, sexy, and cute as much as possible. Add more Valentines-y words to the list and use them all day.
  • Ask someone to be your Valentine and exchange gifts. This can be a girl friend, a best guy friend, a sibling, anyone. Avoid asking a love interest if you want to ensure that your hopes don't get up.
  • Hand make Valentine's and give them out. Give them to strangers, even! 
  • Make it your personal mission to make sure EVERYONE enjoys the holiday. Spread love however you can.
I could go on for hours. Try one, try them ALL. If you try any, let me know how they go! What's your favorite way to spread love? How can you enjoy this holiday best? Send any and all of your ideas my way, I'd LOVE to hear them.

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