Monday, February 7, 2011

Why I'm doing a Week of Love.

I love Valentine's Day. 
No, I'm not in a fabulous relationship and looking forward to a ridiculously romantic day.  Not even close. In fact, I've never had a real Valentine. This year, all of my friends are off at college and I'm home from college for the semester and sick. I haven't been in love for real, and my past relationships weren't exactly great. I have every reason to hate this holiday--- but I don't.
I've always loved this holiday. In elementary school it was a day of cute cards and candy for everyone, and I loved putting together Valentines. In middle school it was my first real dance, shopping with my best friends and dinners out feeling like adults. In high school it became an excuse to send and receive flowers and chocolates, a day to dress in my girliest clothes and watch romantic movies. I can't say for sure what it will be this year or in the years to come, but Valentine's Day is a holiday that has evolved and grown with me, and hopefully always will. I believe in love and believe we should celebrate it.
Valentine's Day is as great of a day as you make it. Hating it and being cynical and miserable doesn't make you cool or better than anyone--- it just makes you miserable. You can choose to enjoy the holiday or not. I just prefer a day of love and chocolate and happiness to a day of misery! Just because you don't have a Valentine this year doesn't mean you never will. Take advantage of the no-pressure V-Day and make it a holiday to remember.

So this week I'll be showering you with love and giving tons of ideas on ways to make this your BEST VALENTINE'S DAY EVER!
If you have anything in particular you'd love to see, let me know.

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