Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week Of Love: Silly Love Songs Thursday

Need help making a V-day playlist? Look no further! 90 songs of love from 9 different genres are listed here!
We all have our favorite love songs. To try and make a playlist of love songs for every genre seemed impossible, so I enlisted some helpers. (I was going to type them all up and make it uniform, but I've had a tough week. This is my best effort for right now.)
I made the pop playlist, but there are so many great ones on here!  Enjoy these Silly Love Songs and go watch the episode of Glee by the same title--- it's pretty fantastic.  So here come the playlists--- there is literally something for pretty much everyone.
Love songs, ahoy!

Pop Love Songs by yours truly. 

Country Love Songs by growingolderbutnotup

Hip-Hop Love Songs by blameitoncamnewton

Classic Rock Love Songs by good-gollymissmolly   

Indie Love Songs by youllgetlostinthis
Classical Love Songs by musical-insomnia

Folk Love Songs by acerulean
Indie/Chill Love Songs by benfoldslucy
Broadway Love Songs by whatsernameofsuburbia


  1. LOVE these lists! Thanks so much Hannah!

  2. Love it! Mumford & Sons are my favorite

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