Friday, February 11, 2011

Week Of Love: Be Mine Friday

I love Valentines. There are so many funny, pretty and cute ways to say I love you (or I like you, or I think you're great) this year. Here's a roundup of some of my favorites. I tried to include e-cards, paper and ideas for handmade cares.
How will you say Be Mine this year?

Someecards has some hilarious Valentines. You'll be sure to get a laugh with these.
It's no secret that I absolutely adore everything that Papaya Art makes. Check out their Valentines, they're $4 and absolute perfection!

You can't beat the classic kid Valentines. You know these would have been a hit in elementary school!               Tattoo Valentines from Target- $3

Wanna make your own Valentine? Family Fun Magazine has the BEST ideas for cute Valentines.

Say it in a song! Give this cute iTunes gift card to someone, then let them pick out LOVE SONGS from the         Week Of Love playlists!

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