Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Apps You'll Love- Part 1

I wanted to start a new series about iPhone/iPad apps. I've become obsessed with getting the most out of my iPhone, and I thought I'd share some of my favorite apps!

These two apps are both recent finds for me. One is a greeting card app, and the other adds words to photos- which sounds like no big deal, but I'll show you how much I've done with it!

 I love sending little surprises to friends via my phone. I'm also a huge greeting card fan. So when I saw this app, I was totally hooked. Plus, it's free!

When you open the app, you have tons of choices in categories for cards to send. Some feature photo  openings so that you can add in photos of you and your friends, and some are just designed with text and color. There are tons of really great options, like thank yous, announcements,  holiday cards, invites- so many great possibilities here! 

Some of the options available on Red Stamp
So if you chose, for instance,  Thanks, you could easily make a card to send via e-mail, text, facebook, or even postcard (too cool) in seconds. 
Here's what the selection looks like in one category: 
See how some have photo openings and others don't? It's great for different levels of personalization.

Then, all you need to do is pick one and add a message. Here's a mock up that I did here!
Each card also has color options on the side, as you can see here! 

Are you totally sold yet? I love this app and think it's really easy to use and useful for the well-mannered girl!

Phonto is my absolute favorite photo editing app. It's  FREE! 

My next favorite app is one that I use all the time to make different little quote backgrounds and monogrammed wallpapers for my phone. It is a really basic app that just allows you to add words to text. Sounds simple, right? It works best if you do some work of your own to have a wallpaper/print library on your phone, but if you have that it's an AMAZING app to own.

So here's a shot of my background library:
I compiled this by saving Lilly prints, taking photos of fabric swatches, and generally just saving any pattern that I like. Having a pattern board on Pinterest helps too! 

 Ok, so once you've done that, all you have to do is open the app and PLAY.
Seriously, you can add anything to your photos. You could do this with real photos too, but I've been having fun with my background prints lately. Here are some of my creations:

This one has been really popular on my tumblr. I love this saying! 
Super easy way to make monograms for your lock screen! 
I also use it to make inserts for photo collages I'm making for instagram. This was part of one I made when I got three new polishes, obviously.
The end product looked is below.

This uses another app to photo collage (PicStitch, also free)

My favorite quote!
Anyhow, I realize that this app was intended to just add text to photos, but I enjoy using it this way. 

Do you have any favorite apps? I'm hoping to stick to more unusual apps in this series, so I won't have any like Instagram or Facebook in here! Hope you enjoy this! 

Stay beautiful,


  1. Totally getting these!!

  2. Apps like these make me wish I'd gotten an iPhone over an Android. I can usually find similar ones but sometimes nope :/ so many struggs haha