Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Social

I'm enjoying Sunday Social! It's a great way to meet new bloggers and tell a little about yourself to current readers. Join in! 

What is your ideal way to relax: Grey's Anatomy, Hershey kisses, and nail polish. My little Gracie face  or Juno snuggled up next to me is also great, but obviously I can't take the puppies to college. 
Where is your favorite place to be: I am happiest at the ocean. Kiawah. 
Who do you consider your biggest role model: All the beautiful, strong chronic illness fighters I know.

What does your life look like in 3 years? Teaching, living a full life, and hopefully healthy. 
If you could go back and change one decision what would it be? I would have gone to Queens my freshman year instead of going through a tough semester at UNCA. 
What is your biggest accomplishment in life thus far? Being granted a NC Teaching Fellow scholarship despite all that I went through in high school.

Have a great start to your week! 
Stay beautiful,

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