Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bowtie Bracelets: Save or Splurge?

I've been seeing these bowtie bracelets around campus more and more. Kiel James Patrick is a brand known for handmade, northern prep style accessories. In the past, I've never found any of them that really suited me (especially considering the higher prices!) but I will admit that I've fallen for these cute bowtie bracelets.
Kiel James Patrick Vickers' Bow Collection- $58 each

The Twiggy Bracelet is absolutely my favorite. I love the pink and navy! 

However, as much as I think these are beautifully made and adorable, I'm not ready to shell out $58 for a bracelet like this.
So, I did what I always do and searched Etsy for an alternative! I'm a big fan of supporting Etsy shops because you can get great handmade products at a good price while supporting a small business.
Lo and behold, Etsy had a few great options. My favorite of the Etsy shops offering these bracelets is Georgia Brown Designs.

Georgia Brown Designs offers a great selection of handmade bowtie bracelets, and will even do custom bracelets!  The best part? They're only $18!! That's a huge savings!

Here are a few of their gorgeous options:

Georgia Brown Designs Custom bow tie bracelets- can be customized for your favorite sports team or just in a favorite color! 

If I had to pick one, I'm definitely a fan of this navy polka dotted option. Y'all know I'm a total sucker for navy. 
Georgia Brown Designs Navy Dot bracelet- $18 

A few more bracelets! Aren't these darling? 

So what do you think? Save or splurge? I think both KJP and Georgia Brown Designs offer a great selection of these cute bowtie bracelets. There are some differences between the bracelets from the two brands, so it really is a matter of preference.  KJP has a wider selection and may just be more your style, but I think there's definitely something to be said for saving $40!

UPDATE: Katie Brown at Georgia Brown Designs left a coupon for readers! It's POLISH10 :) 

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  1. These are so cute!! We hadn't seen these yet! They are both awesome but we'd go with the GBD first. Great price and great selection!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Thanks Hannah! Excited to hear you are a fan :) Here's a promo code for you and your followers...enjoy! POLISH10

  3. Those are SOO cute! I wish my husband wouldn't kill me if I spent that much on a bracelet. :]