Sunday, January 6, 2013

Zoya Sale!

Need a little beginning of the semester incentive? You're in luck, Zoya's got a great sale going on this week! 
First off, you should make a Zoya Account. It's easy, free, and they send you coupons and info about sales  like this one.

ALSO if you click this link and sign up for an account with Zoya, you'll get an extra coupon for a free bottle of nail polish! Score!

So the current sale is for- drumroll please- 3 free nail polishes. That's right, you're getting 3 nail polishes for FREE! All you have to do is pay shipping. However, if you're like me and would rather spend more money on polish and less on shipping, you can put $25 worth of Zoya merchandize and they'll waive the shipping. So if you spend $25 you can get 3 free nail polishes and free shipping.
Either way, you're going to need the code: ZOYA2013

Now that the logistics are out of the way, let's talk polish. I've bought from Zoya Sales before, and I wanted to show you what I've bought and the past and what I'm looking at for this time! That way you can get some ideas to help fill your cart.

My first big Zoya sale haul. This was a great deal, and I really enjoyed the polishes I got.

More first Zoya sale. Top: Breezi, Zuza, and Charla
Bottom: Rica, Gloria, Cheryl
 Of the above group, I especially recommend Zuza, Rica, and Gloria.
Here are those 3 swatched via Scrangie:



 Zuza is by far one of my favorite teals. It's got great shimmer and looks gorgeous on the nail. Rica and Gloria are never done justice by swatch photos. They're both super dynamic and just plain gorgeous. I recommend all three of these for sure! The other three I bought last time were also great, but Zuza, Gloria, and Rica are my favorites!

Another Zoya purchase: Perrie. A great purple cream. 
Perrie is another one I recommend pretty often. It's just a really interesting purple. Not quite medium purple, and not really periwinkle or lilac either. It's like a fun, warmish purple.

So what am I looking at this time? Probably too many polishes. I thought I'd compile some swatches because I'm too much of a visual person to just give you a list. Plus, how do you know if you want a polish until you see it on the nail?
All swatches via Scrangie.

Blaze is a gorgeous red glitter with holographic glitter mixed in. So pretty! 
Megan- it's like a moody greyish lilac. Love! 

 Aurora- Purple holo glitter- lots of fun! 
Storm- Black glitter with holo. I think this would be a great start if you want to try the galaxy style manicure
Natty- I love this as an alternative to navy. It's a little lighter but still acts as a chic neutral.

Rekha- A true red with blue undertones.
Kimber- this is like Zuza's pink-coral sister. Need. 

Burke- raspberry goodness.
Shawn- a gorgeous deep green that doesn't quite get to forest green. Pretty! 
Dita- Pink with berry tones.
Moxie- True raspberry! 
Whitney- Bright pink with purple undertones.

Lo- A bright yellow toned pink
Elodie- Deep bright coral

Ok, I think that's probably too many for y'all to handle. I get so caught up looking at swatches and can't stop myself.
Make sure to look at Scrangie's blog- she's the reason I could put this post together. I think swatches are super important when picking out polish, so if you're considering a color, look up the swatch!
Are you shopping the Zoya sale? Let me know what you get!
I'll share what I ended up getting when it gets here!
Stay beautiful,


  1. I wish I would have read this before I ordered mine. I would have much rather spent the $25 for more polishes, especially since I cheated and made an account for my dog so I could get more polish :] Anyway, in my order I got Harmonie, Charla, and Zuza. In Roxie's order I got Storm, Emme, and Ivanka. I LOVE Zoya polish, so I was so excited for this deal! :]

    1. Actually, if you made 2 accounts you only paid $20 for 6 polishes instead of $25. So I may have just copied you on that haha.

  2. Didnt think to make a second account for my dog! Lol!