Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I've become an Etsy browse-a-holic. Is that a thing? Maybe not. Either way, I thought I'd share some of my finds with y'all.
Lately I've been really into prints.  A lot of Etsy shops will customize prints with phrases, colors, or states for you, which is a great way to have personal, cute art. Plus, affordable art is something we can all get behind, right?

I love this idea! Plus it can be color and state customized.
Etsy Shop: Happy Brat
This feels like summer and I might be in love.
Etsy Shop: Happy Brat
Any polishaholic will adore this Essie inspired print!
Etsy Shop: lauratrevey
This gorgeous kitchen print comes framed for only $35. My chef mother would definitely love this!
Etsy Shop: DexMex
Such a pretty verse to keep you inspired! Also color customizable .
Etsy Shop: The Educated Owl
This is a GREAT Dorm room set! You can customize it for your school and your favorite colors, too.
Etsy Shop: The Educated Owl
This is a set of two prints for your favorite long-distance bestie.
Etsy Shop: ArthursPlaidPants 

I could probably write four posts full of cute, fun prints, but I'll stop now so you can really appreciate these beauties.
Hope y'all are doing well!
Let me know if you have any favorite Etsy Shops I need to check out!
Stay beautiful,

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