Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beauty Resolutions

It's a few days into the new year and I've got resolutions on the brain. Most of us do, right?
My life is chaotic enough that I'm not going to make major resolutions about things like weight loss or grades or anything--- but I think making some resolutions about my makeup routine is something I can easily commit to!

Without further ado, here are my 2013 Beauty Resolutions:

1. Invest in quality pieces that I love. Less is more! 

 I realized recently that I can be an impulse buyer when it comes to beauty. Sometimes I want it all, sometimes I want whatever's right in front of me at Ulta. Building a nice collection isn't about buying a ton of cheap lipsticks in shades I'm not sure I'll love. 
This year I resolve to treat myself to quality more often. I resolve to plan out purchases based on reviews, swatches, and needs in my makeup collection. 
This means not always getting another nail polish just because it's limited edition. This means not impulse buying tons of drugstore makeup when I'm not sure about the quality.  
This means falling in love and obsessing over Nars eyeshadows and treating myself to them because they're unique, and incredible quality. Or buying MAC lipsticks after I've gone and tried them on instead of getting 3 Maybelline lipsticks that will go bad because they don't really suit me anyway. This means hunting down cult products.
  Every purchase should be exciting. 

2. Throw things away! 
My name is Hannah and I am a pack rat. I have drawers in my makeup cabinet with mascara that's 95% used up. I have liners I hate hanging out with my absolute favorites. I still have lipsticks that don't perform well because of age. Time to clean out. Maybe I'll reward myself after a big collection purge?
Simplicity and organization mean being able to see my collection and use good pieces more! 

3. Clean my brushes more. Invest in more brushes! 
Using dirty or low quality brushes on nice makeup is like digging into a fancy dinner with your bare hands. You just shouldn't.  I'll admit to being bad about cleaning my brushes. This year, I want to do better. I also want to get some more brushes to help with my technique. For instance, I've been lusting after the Sigma Performance Eyes Kit. Adding this to my arsenal would be great, and would help me improve my technique. 
Sigma Beauty Performance Eyes Kit- $61

Better tools, better results. 

4. Try new things! 
Even if this just means rocking neon lips in my dorm room, it's important to experiment. I want to be bolder this year, and learn more. This means watching more Youtube videos,  reading more blog tutorials, and even trying on bolder colors in Sephora and at MAC to see if I like them.  I may love my Naked Palettes, but I have some really great products in my arsenal that need a chance in the spotlight! Add new techniques to different products and the possibilities become endless. 
New year, no fear.
5. Make beauty fun every day.
We all have days when we throw on makeup without thinking or enjoying all the great products we've invested in. This year I want to enjoy getting ready every day. I think resolution #4 will help with this, because new products and techniques make getting ready so much more exciting.  So I'll try not to throw on a cream shadow and mascara like it's a hassle this year. This will be time consuming, but I have a good feeling it will be very worthwhile. 
Getting ready is (at least) half the fun.

Those are my 5 big beauty resolutions for this year. Have you resolved to shake up your makeup? What's your biggest priority in beauty for 2013? Share your resolutions with me! 

Stay beautiful,


  1. Firstly, love those glitter letters. Like omg. I'm like a fly..SPARKLES. Second, my beauty resolution is just to wear makeup more often! I want to get more comfortable with putting on makeup...that's the main reason I barely wear it. I'm scared I'll look like a clown when I'm done!

    1. I know, I was so excited when I figured out how to do this! You look great with or without makeup! I think that's a good resolution though!

  2. Great resolutions - I love that they're all under the same category (beauty) and very specific. That'll help you keep them in the long haul! My beauty resolutions are to save my Sephora gift card until I need it instead of buying something just because, to actually stay away from Sephora until I finish up the makeup I have now (I haven't even come close to making a dent in my big Allure Editor's palette from 2011), and most importantly, to take my makeup off EVERY night! I get wayyyy too lazy (especially after a few drinks haha).

  3. I work 4/6 workdays in a pool so I definitely can't wear beauty products. But when I can I take full advantage of it! I do have to take better care of my skin though (the chlorine is not very good for it). I really like your first resolution - I did that in 2011 and use the same products because I've found my absolute favourites in higher end brands.

    Charlee Anne @