Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Instagram Link Up

I'm excited to be doing my first link up with my blogging friend Sara! Sara's blog, Pearls & Curls has grown a lot lately and she's doing a great job! Definitely check it out, she's a sweet girl and has great taste.

Anyway, I'll be doing this every Saturday! It will be a great visual reminder of what was going on every week. I think it will also encourage me to take more photos on Instagram, which is always great.
Oh, and make sure to follow me on Instagram: @hannahrachelb

This week was a little light on Instagram because I had to travel for a bunch of doctor's appointments. But here are 4 photos that sum up the first week of the New Year! 

I was having a really tough day, and getting really nervous about going back to college when I came home to this. My ADPi sisters sent me a really sweet card wishing me well. It's little things like this that make a huge difference. 

New lipstick! MAC Apres Chic and Party Parrot!

My Leopard Kilty Minnetonka Mocs came in! So excited to wear them more! 

My sleepy Gracie girl.

Bath and Body Works Sale! 

Sweet girls taking a nap. 

So that was this week! Check out the rest of the IG recaps on Sara's blog!

Stay beautiful,

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