Thursday, January 17, 2013

Emerald City Beauty- Oz the Great and Powerful Collaborations

It seems like the beauty world is all excited for the new Oz movie: Oz the Great and Powerful. To be honest, I hadn't heard a ton about the movie until I heard about the beauty products associated with it. 
Here's the trailer, though!
It looks like it might be pretty good. The movie comes out March 8th, and has a pretty outstanding cast!

What's even more exciting are some of  the gorgeous beauty products coming out with the movie. Both OPI and Urban Decay are lined up to do collections. We last saw this collaboration combo with Alice in Wonderland, and both of those collections were MAJOR hits.  The news about the OPI collection has been out for a little while (so forgive me if you've seen these photos!) but I wanted to feature both collections.

OPI OZ collection promo pic via StyleFrizz

2013 Softshades collection- Oz the Great and Powerful

While I do think some of the shades look nice (I think there's a gold and black glitter in there!) I'm a little bummed that they picked Oz for the Softshades collection. Yawn. 
There are so many gorgeous options  that could be inspired by this movie. With all the witches (which seem to be the focus) you could do some pretty, moody shades. Also, where's the Emerald?  It's even the color of the year, come on!

Here's the more exciting part- the URBAN DECAY palettes! Featuring all new shades, these palettes are going to be huge.  The buzz about these started yesterday on People Style Watch,  and I'm sure by the time they launch in a few days they'll be very hyped! These seemed to be modelled after their new palette system, which means each shadow can be popped out if you so desire.  The palettes each  feature a look based on one of the witches, and they are going to be launched as soon as January 25th! They're $49 each, and feature 8 full size shadows (2 are duos, so really 10), a travel liner and a full size lip pencil.
I love that they created a dark, moodier palette for Theodora (the darker witch) and a light, pretty palette  for Glinda. Plus this packaging? Nice!
(Photo via A Model Recommends)

These are some of the promotional photos featuring looks from the palettes.
 I love both looks, it's going to be hard to choose! 
(Photos via Musings of a Muse)

Here's the inside of the palettes! Plus, they come with full size lip pencils!
(Photo via A Model Recommends)

Aren't those palettes just gorgeous? The only thing I feel like I'm missing is a true deep emerald. I think it would have worked well with the Theodora (darker) palette, too. Especially a bright emerald liner to pair with some of the neutrals. It would have been stunning! But really,  at the end of the day, I'm super excited about these two palettes,

Are you loving this collaboration? Which products are you dying to get?
Stay beautiful,


  1. I agree with you on the lack of color/creativity OPI had with their Oz collection! Seriously! Where's the emerald?! On the other hand, Urban Decay's look for Theodora looks beautiful! I want that red lip pencil!

    Now following your blog!

    1. Thanks for following :) I followed back. I think the Softshades collections are always nice, but it makes more sense to do a theme that goes with softer, light colors. That's why the NYC Ballet collection was such a hit- it made sense. This just feels tired and uninspired.

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right? I'm so torn on which palette I want. Theodora's red lip and those sultry mattes has me salivating, but I love a light, shimmery palette like Glinda all the time.
      I have too many eye palettes on my wish list right now haha.