Friday, January 11, 2013

Celebrate Everyday Moments

Via Pinterest

I wanted to just take a minute to remind everyone to celebrate more often. I think a lot of the time we get caught up in our hectic lives and forget to mark the little accomplishments and good moments. 
There's always something to celebrate! 
I think we're so much quicker to scold ourselves and others for our everyday mistakes than we are to celebrate our little achievements. That should change! Life is too short to always focus on our flaws. 
So reward yourself! Whether that be with cupcakes or lipstick is up to you,  just make sure to take the time to celebrate. 

What are you celebrating these days?! Share your joy with me! 

Stay beautiful, 


  1. I'm celebrating spending lots of time cuddling with my puppy, a new nail polish, and that the skin on my hands has finally stopped cracking!

  2. I'm celebrating the small strides I'm making in the classroom and every moment I get to spend with my sisters & boyfriend (since it's limited this semester).