Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dorm Room Domesticity- A Guide to Cute Cups

Since returning to dorm life, I've realized the major importance of having cute cups. It's super important to stay hydrated whether or not you're dealing with chronic illness like I am. I know many people have New Year's Resolutions revolving around drinking more water, so I thought this little guide would be helpful.

Speaking of cups, have you seen Anna Kendrick performing the Cups song from Pitch Perfect live? If not, you need to watch this. Such a great voice!

Ok, back to business.
Here are some cute cups I've been eyeing- from classic Tervis tumblers to some great Etsy finds!
My biggest requirement for dorm drinkware is that it's all made of plastic. There's no reason to have extra breakables in a dorm room.

Tervis Tumblers: These are a cult favorite. They can hold drinks that are hot or cold, and they're tough as nails. Plus, they come in a range of designs and their website even allows you to personalize or design your own tumbler insert.
My cousin Josh actually designed one for me this Christmas! He's 12, so it ended up being a dog paw print/bone pattern with my name in red, but it's so sweet and personal and will always remind me of how sweet my little cousin is!
Tervis offers a few sets now for easier ordering. I love this Shades of Distinction set ($40) with black and white lace! How pretty would these be with a bright fuchsia lid? Definitely chic for class, too! 

The great thing about Tervis is that they have SO many options! You can get everything from this cute, nautical number ($11) to tumblers with your favorite brand or organization represented on them. Whatever you love- you can put it on a tumbler! 

Tervis has also added an option to customize your own design in their "Tervis CustoMYzer"  I made this  one really quickly using a Lilly Pulitzer wallpaper I had on my computer. The possibilities are endless with this, though! A 16 oz tumbler with lid is $25 customized. I like this option a lot because you're able to get the Tervis quality with any cute design you want! 

Lifeguard Press:  Lifeguard Press features a few brands, including Lilly Pulitzer. Just flipping through, a few caught my eye!
Dylan's Candy Bar Tumber with Straw- Candy Spill ($12). This tumbler is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! I love tumblers with straws, too!  
Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler Set of 8 in Nice To See You ($16)- These are great for guests . Plus, a little (or a lot) of Lilly always adds to your room! I chose not to include the thicker plastic tumblers with straws because I know people who have had trouble with their Lilly straw tumblers breaking.

If Lilly isn't your style, try the Jonathan Adler Tumbler Set of  6 in Gothic Rose ($14) 

Etsy- Etsy has become my favorite resource for shopping lately! You can get such unique products and support small businesses at the same time! Plus, Etsy sellers tend to be incredibly nice and offer a lot of customization options!

Patterned Double Insulated Tumbler by MSMudpieBoutique- $13 Also comes with monogram (not shown)
Monogram Tumbler with Candy Cane Straw from VinylDesignsByCJ ($12.95) In LOVE with these straws. 
You can also get this in script monogram. So cute and nostalgic! 
Vinyl Monogrammed Tumbler from brandiwalk ($15)- I love the Tervis style look and the multi-colored scalloped monogram. Perfect for going from the dorm to the car or anywhere, really!

These last two tumblers are both from Etsy shop TAMStyle and cost $12.50. I like that this seller does Collegiate and even a few funny tumblers in addition to the monogrammed styles. 

Target: I usually get a lot of my dorm drinkware at Target because it's both cute and affordable but their online selection is a little sparse right now. However, I do like this Valentine's Day collection, since it is my favorite holiday!
Photo via Target

So what do you drink out of in your dorm? Do you have a favorite place to buy tumblers? I'm always looking for more!

Stay beautiful (and hydrated!),


  1. I know it's not a cup, but I swear by my Camelbak water bottle!

  2. I am the absolute worst about using plastic restaurant to-go cups at home. I always feel so "college" when I do. Haha! Thanks for sharing this! I had no idea about the customized Tervis cups. The possibilities are absolutely endless and would make the most adorable birthday presents!