Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Instagram Recap- Week 4

Sorry this is belated! I had to take a few photos today to even have a few to share! I guess Instagram just wasn't on my mind this week!
Anyhow, here we go:
Join us for all the fun with Sara at Pearls and Curls! 

My baby Grace got a bow. Too stinkin' cute, right?  
I always try and get one last photo of my puppies before I head back to campus. This one just melts my heart.
New iPhone backgrounds using Cuptakes and Phonto! 
What I'm Doing Now: Pinterest (for the blog!) and watching a movie on Netflix! 

Promise I'll take better photos this week!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Stay beautiful,


  1. oh my word, Gracie with a bow? I'm dying right now. Can I please just come borrow Gracie for the day?!?! :)

  2. Your backgrounds are too cute! Thanks for linking up, Hannah!